The school is established on a 8 acres land with special care of maintaining the natural surroundings including water bodies on two sides thus providing cool and natural breeze during summer, sprawling lawn for kids to play and perform other physical exercises.

The school is located at 2 km south of Khajedih chauk. The school site is selected keeping flood aspects in mind. The ground level of the school campus is above the normal level of surrounding lands and fully safe from worst flood scenario. Buildings are built with earth quake protection to Zone-V.

Full area lighting with dedicated power source and backed up with generators and emergency power.

Clean and sweet drinking tapped water supply from deep bore wells and submersible pumps with overhead tanks. 


Some Important Points Are Below 

                        1 – Fully Residential

                        2 – Well qualified Teacher

                        3 – C B S E Courses

                        4 – Under CCTV Surveillance

                        5 – Well Maintained School Garden

                       6 – Yoga Classes

                       7 – Four Times Food

                      8 – Natural Clean Environment




At the time of seeking admission for a particular class, the student must be studying: (a) one class lower. (b) He/She must strictly meet the age requirements.

The lower age limit for admission to Class 1 is 5+ years. Similarly co-relation of age and the class to which admission is sought is a must.

Parents/Guardians are bound by the school rules in all respects. Any changes in the school rules from time to time by school management if felt necessary are bound to be accepted and followed by parents. In all matters of dispute, the decision of the Principal/Director is final. The parents/guardians will hold the school indemnified against all claims arising through illness, accident or any other cause.

The parents/guardians will authorize the Principal/ Director and staff to act as local parents of their wards while they are in the school campus or on tours, treks, expedition & camps etc.

The parents/guardians will authorize the school to take necessary action on their behalf in case of any emergency/ illness or any other such condition where their permission is needed but cannot be sought in time.

The parents/guardians will agree that they will not withdraw the students from school during term of the year, in the event of their child/children being withdrawn during the term of the year due to any unforeseen reasons, two months notice or two months fee will be paid by them.

The Principal/Director is fully empowered to expel a student from school and hostel if in his/her opinion the student has failed to follow the discipline of the school and his continued presence is detrimental to the school and/or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his class and when detention in the same class would make the student too big for his class.

All parents will sign an agreement and a statement of undertaking with the school at the time when their son/daughter/ward joins the school. The rules and regulations as included in this document are considered as part of the registration form and are mandatory to follow by parents. 

Food parcels from parents are not encouraged. In case they are sent, the contents of the parcels are checked and shared among the students in the hostel.

Students are not allowed to keep cash with them. No money is to be given to them and no money should be sent directly to the students. Any unauthorized money found with the students will be confiscated. Borrowing or lending of money and other personal belongings from each other is strictly prohibited.

The school to be intimated immediately if there is any change of correspondence address and contact phone numbers.

Students are not allowed to keep walkman, transistors, cameras, mobiles, watches or other expensive articles with them in the school campus.

Private clothes are not allowed during class hours. Separate dress will be for the class and for the rest of the hours. 

Parents are requested to share the health related major issues and medication done or being done related to their child at the time of admission failing which if found later admission will be cancelled.

In case of certain disease or infirmity, mental defect, insomnia or sleep walking, fits or convulsion, lung trouble, epilepsy, asthma, tonsillitis and bed-wetting admission may be denied or if already admitted will be cancelled in the overall interest of other students.   

For ordinary ailments parents are not informed. If a student is admitted to the hospital, information will be sent to the guardian. All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal/in-charge. Harassment, thieving, teasing or any form of ill treatment inflicted on juniors or other students will constitute a serious offence and may result in the expulsion from school.


The parents would be allowed to meet the child only once in a month on Saturday/ Sunday between 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM so that the routine is not disturbed. Talking to the child on telephone is not allowed. Parents and guardians are not allowed to meet their wards directly in their hostels.

In order to help the new students to adjust themselves in a new environment, parents and guardians are requested not to visit their ward till one month after their admission.

Parents are advised not to visit school after 6:00 PM as school main gate may not open to allow parents to enter inside the school campus.


The children can be taken home during the summer vacation or on other vacation (if applicable) on the given dates only and not at any other times for the benefit of the child’s education and the school’s discipline. The parents will be required to bring back the students after vacations on the given dates, without fail.


Each month tuition fee and hostel fee will have to be paid by 10th of the same month. A late fee of Rs. 100 will be charged if paid after due date.